Sun, 10 May 2020 19:00
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La damnation de Faust

»If I had more souls than there are stars in the sky, I would give them all for Mephistopheles.« With these words, Faust declares his intention to gain wisdom at any price in Christopher Marlowe's »Tragical History of Doctor Faustus« of 1584, anticipating the »two souls« that Dr Faust has in Goethe's version of the story, written some 200 years later. In the Goethe, Faust has to admit: »Here I stand, a poor fool, and I'm no smarter than I was before!« He sold his soul to Mephisto in return for youth and power. Berlioz was just one of many composers for whom the Faust legend held a magnetic attraction: »I was immediately gripped by this wonderful book, and thenceforth I couldn't stop reading it: I read it at the dinner table, in the theatre, on the street – everywhere!«


Symphoniker Hamburg

Europa Chor Akademie Görlitz

Anaïk Morel mezzo-soprano

Eric Cutler tenor

Michael Volle baritone

David Jerusalem bass

conductor Sylvain Cambreling


Hector Berlioz
La damnation de Faust op. 24

Konzertante Aufführung in französischer Sprache


Symphoniker Hamburg / HamburgMusik