Sat, 9 May 2020 20:30
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Stefano Bollani

Jazz pianist, singer, presenter – but above all, entertainer: Stefano Bollani is a universal genius if ever there was one. He combines phenomenal technical ability with a sharp sense of humour and a stylistic versatility that is without equal. Appropriately for the theme of the music festival this year – »Belief« – he is now having a go at Andrew Lloyd Webber's world-famous rock opera »Jesus Christ Superstar«. It has always been something of a (secret) guilty pleasure for him – until now! But, of course, we cannot expect a straight run-through – Bollani uses the well-known hits as a basis for his own improvisations, consciously limiting himself to the piano and Fender Rhodes: »I'm playing solo because this is a love affair between myself and Webber's rock opera. And affairs are always better when they remain intimate.«


Stefano Bollani piano, Fender Rhodes


»Variations on Jesus Christ Superstar«