Tue, 19 May 2020 20:00
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Sinfonie der Tausend

»It is the greatest thing I’ve done so far. So singular in terms of content and form that it is impossible to write about. Imagine the whole universe had begun to chime and sound.« Gustav Mahler wasn’t shy of using a superlative or two when describing his Eighth Symphony, the »Symphony of a Thousand«, in 1906. And indeed, the monumental work about faith, forgiveness and redemption can hardly be beaten for philosophical power. Mahler used the medieval hymn »Veni creator spiritus« (Come, Creator Spirit) and the end of Goethe’s »Faust II« in the symphony. And the sheer force of the sound is without equal in the whole repertoire: eight solo singers, four choirs and an enormous orchestra. Fittingly, it is the Gustav Mahler Jugendorchester, one of the world’s best youth orchestras, taking on this mammoth challenge, conducted by Daniel Harding and accompanied by several choirs.


Gustav Mahler Jugendorchester

Groot Omroepkoor

Orfeón Donostiarra

Nationaal Kinderkoor

Sarah Wegener soprano

Susanne Bernhard soprano

Hanna Husáhr soprano

Stefanie Irányi mezzo-soprano

Claudia Huckle alto

Andrew Staples tenor

Adrian Eröd baritone

Shenyang bass baritone

conductor Daniel Harding


Gustav Mahler
Sinfonie Nr. 8 für drei Sopran- und zwei Alt-Soli, Tenor-, Bariton- und Bass-Solo, Knabenchor und zwei gemischte Chöre sowie großes Orchester