Jason Moran / Alicia Hall Moran Jason Moran / Alicia Hall Moran Jason Moran / Alicia Hall Moran © Dawoud Bey
Tue, 30 Apr 2019 20:00
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Jason Moran / Alicia Hall Moran / Imani Winds

Alicia Hall Moran and Jason Moran are not just a perfect partnership personally; musically speaking, they are also a dream team of modern-day black America. He achieved world fame as one of the most creative jazz pianists of his generation (and beyond). In her performances, Alicia Hall Moran draws from her training as a classical opera singer and approaches her parts with the freedom of an artist who has a mastery of a number of styles. Their latest joint project – with a distinguished line-up of jazz musicians and the Imani Winds ensemble – recreates the Great Migration, which saw around 6 million African Americans move from the southern states to the north and the east of the US over the course of the twentieth century. It was a transformation that led to the development of the continent’s amazingly diverse musical identity, blending rhythm ’n’ blues, gospel, classical, soul, Broadway and jazz.


Jason Moran piano

Alicia Hall Moran mezzo-soprano

Imani Winds

Brandon Patrick George flute
Toyin Spellman-Diaz oboe
Mark Dover clarinet
Monica Ellis bassoon
Jeff Scott french horn

Harriet Tubman: the band

Brandon Ross guitar
Melvin Gibbs bass
J.T. Lewis drums


Two Wings: The Music of Black America in Migration

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