Mon, 27 Apr 2020 18:00
Halle 3 im Oberhafenquartier Informationen zur Anmeldung werden später bekannt gegeben. Further Information on Booking Tickets

Installation »Genesis«

How does it feel to control other people or to be completely at the mercy of a higher power yourself? What sounds like the setting for a virtual reality computer game can actually be tried in person in the experimental installation »Genesis«. For one week only, a different world can be experienced in the old warehouses in the Oberhafen district, one in which everyone can play god – either there on site or virtually from their screens at home.

The installation is open 24 hours a day from 27 April to 3 May. Information on registering and tickets to follow soon.

Using VR headsets and cameras, the first-person perspective of individual visitors is transmitted to others, who issue orders from the control room. Participants can follow, and even have a say in, the action day and night via live stream. Behind the concept is the bioinformatics expert and sound designer Alexander Schubert, who – with his Decoder Ensemble, a bold New Music collective – takes on the role of supervisor for an uninterrupted 168 hours, including cooking and the night watch. A fascinating game with reality that invites you to experience hierarchies, trust and – most importantly – yourself in new ways.


Decoder Ensemble

Carola Schaal clarinet
Sonja Lena Schmid violoncello
Leopold Hurt zither
Leopold Hurt E-Zither
Andrej Koroliov piano, keyboard
Jonathan Shapiro drums
Alexander Schubert sound
Alexander Schubert sound design


Alexander Schubert