Daniel Blumberg Daniel Blumberg Daniel Blumberg © Steve Gullick
Sat, 25 May 2019 19:30
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»HYPER! Sounds«

The Swiss curator Hans Ulrich Obrist puts the focus on improvisation and presents the singer and painter Daniel Blumberg, the free jazz saxophonist André Vida and the New York-based noise guitarist Arto Lindsay, who is famous for his deconstruction of samba and bossa nova.

In what way does music influence the visual arts? That is the question explored in the exhibition »HYPER! A Journey into Art and Music«, which is held in the Deichtorhallen from March until August 2019 and to which the curator and former Spex editor Max Dax has invited around 40 artists. The title of the exhibition is a direct reference to the relationship between the artist Albert Oehlen and the Hamburg electro band Scooter and their hit »Hyper Hyper«.

But the question should also be turned on its head. How does art influence music? The answer to that can only be found in a concert – so three artists and one curator have been given the keys to the Elbphilharmonie for one evening each to present their favourite artists here. The connection is based partly on a conceptual, and partly on a personal level, for example in the joint use of rooms. They thereby build a bridge between two complementary spheres and two cultural institutions at different ends of the HafenCity.


Daniel Blumberg Trio

Daniel Blumberg vocals
Billy Steiger violin
Tom Wheatley double bass

André Vida saxophone

Arto Lindsay guitar

Stefan Brunner live electronics


Hans Ulrich Obrist präsentiert

Daniel Blumberg
- Pause -
André Vida
Arto Lindsay

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