Sat, 23 May 2020 20:30
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Flat Earth Society & David Bovée

For millennia, people thought the Earth was flat. But that is not a belief harboured by the musicians of the Brussels-based big band Flat Earth Society. On the contrary, behind the ironic name there hides an intelligent collective of artists that are open to all styles of music and that blend the traditional brass sound with distortion effects, funky beats and hip-hop. Their project »Boggamasta« – a play on »burgemeester«, the Dutch word for mayor – developed from an exchange with musicians from Gambia. The name refers to the long-standing President Yahya Jammeh, who turned from being a reformer to textbook dictator and had scores of rivals executed. Yet he still acted the part of a gracious father to the nation, literally throwing money around during parades. The band are also on the scent of similar »boggamastas« in other countries…


Flat Earth Society

David Bovée guitar, vocals, composer


»Boggamasta III«