Derya Yildirim Derya Yildirim Derya Yildirim © Gerhard Kühne
Mon, 29 Apr 2019 19:30
Elbphilharmonie Hamburg Kleiner Saal SOLD OUT € 9.00 | 17.00 | 26.00 | 42.00 Further Information on Booking Tickets

Ensemble Resonanz / Derya's Songbook

Derya Yıldırım conjures up a special magic whenever she gives a performance on her baglama lute. The musician, who grew up on the Veddel in Hamburg, leads her own Hanseatic-Oriental ensemble that explores the space between psychedelic, pop and trance, and she has been studying for a number of years with the Berlin-based baglama virtuoso Taner Akyol. Ensemble Resonanz, with which she also enjoys a close musical friendship, has now – together with the Körber Foundation – commissioned arrangements of Turkish, Anatolian, Kurdish and Greek songs from twelve composers, or asked them to write a new work for Derya Yildirim: »Derya’s Songbook«, which is premiered at the Hamburg International Music Festival. Her teacher’s trio performs in the first part of the concert.


Derya Yıldırım bağlama, vocals

Taner Akyol Trio

Taner Akyol bağlama, vocals
Antonis Anissegos piano
Sebastian Flaig percussion

Ensemble Resonanz


Derya's Songbook

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HamburgMusik / Ensemble Resonanz


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