Tue, 5 May 2020 19:30
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Blick Bassy

Blick Bassy's name has been familiar to many, not just world music fans, ever since his song »Kiki« was used to promote a certain smartphone with an apple as the logo in 2015. In a poetic mixture of the traditional music of his homeland and echoes of raw blues, the singer-songwriter from Cameroon sings in his mother tongue Bassa about the search for his own African heritage, about his childhood and about love.

With a guitar and a gentle voice, he produces a sound that stands for a modern Africa. There is a serious political background to his new album »1958«: in that year, Ruben Um Nyobé, the leader of Cameroon's fight for independence, was shot dead by colonial French troops. Bassy remembers him, while also highlighting the connection with the present, to the Cameroon of today. The country may be independent but it is still governed by an authoritarian regime that supresses the remembrance of activists such as Nyobé.


Blick Bassy guitar, vocals

Clément Petit violoncello

Arno de Casanove trumpet, keyboard

Johan Blanc trombone, keyboard